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Paid Invoice in UAE

A paid invoice, also known as a closed invoice, is an invoice that has already been settled and paid in full by the customer. This will not remain in the receivables balance and is used to acknowledge payment that has been received from the customer.

paid invoice sample

It’s recommended to mark paid invoices with “Paid” label. It helps to prevent confusion and duplicate payments.

Sample email template for an invoice already paid

Subject: Invoice # {XXX}

Hello {Name of the customer},

Please find attached invoice # {XXX}.

Thank you for making prompt payment! We look forward to serving you again with the same zeal and professionalism.

Please note that this invoice has been paid and is now closed.

Feel free to reach us out at {Email / Phone number} if there is anything more that we can do for you. We wish you the best of luck and immense success ahead.

Kind regards,
{Your name}
{Your position in the company}
{Your company name}
{Your contact details}

How to Create a Paid Invoice

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