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Freight Invoice in UAE

A freight invoice is made when a goods transport company or carrier sends an invoice for the transportation of the goods. This invoice includes transportation charges, goods handling charges and other applicable charges.

freight invoice example

Essential Constituents of Freight Invoices

Following are some of the essential constituents of freight invoices:

Also note that other invoice components such as invoice date, due date, payment terms and other information are the same as a normal invoice.

Email Template for a Freight Invoice

Subject: Invoice # {XXX}

Hello {Name of the customer},

This email intends to request payment for freight invoice # {XXX} dated {DATE} and total amount due {AAAA}.

Please note that we have attached the relevant invoice for your perusal and consideration. 

You are kindly requested to pay prompt attention to this matter and pay the balance. Please accept our thanks if you have already paid the invoice.

Payment details:
{Payment details}

Additional details:
This voyage was completed by {Ship name} from {Port of origin} to {Port of destination} with commercial invoice # {CCC}. 

If you have any questions, kindly contact us at {your contact details}. 

Best regards,
{Your name}
{Your position in the company}
{Your company name}

How to Create a Freight Invoice

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